NYC Executive Protection


Our NYC Executive Protection Services operational and management security teams are strategically drawn from the prime divisions of the New York City Police Department, and the United States Secret Service. Our NYC Executive Protection services provides discreet confidential celebrity Bodyguard Protection Services for NYC and surrounding areas including New Jersey and Connecticut.

If you are in the NYC area and looking for executive protection, contact our NYC Executive Protection specialists now!

David Stone, former NYPD Police Officer, is the founder of Stone Security. He had a vision of developing a reliable security organization that would meet the ever-increasing demand for high-level protective services in New York City. Not only does Stone Security offer optimum executive protection, but it is also one of the first security firms to effectively use the services of police officers that are off-duty.

We also provide Special Event Security Services; Executive Protection for Dignitaries, Diplomats and Corporate Executives in the NYC area. We provide NYC Executive Protection and discreet personal protection for VIP’s and any person in New York City who feels their security may be at risk or they need close protection. Our NYC Executive Protection personnel are professional with the most up-to-date training on weapons and executive protection to our New York City clients.