Feb 272013

Executive Protection An executive protection company is a company that hires specially trained individuals to protect their clients. Executive protection companies train their agents in areas like threat assessment, evasive driving, and marksmanship. Special courses are offered to individuals without previous government training, but most executive protection professionals have previous training from a government agency or private executive protection training organization. This may include different branches of the military, CIA, or even a local police force. Executive protection companies exist to protect people; employees of this sort are put through rigorous training, and are carefully selected to guarantee a client’s safety.

There are many threats in today’s society. New York City people with much wealth or power are faced with a lot of threats from potential criminals or activists. Other people may turn to executive protection companies too, like individuals trying to keep themselves safe after previous gang affiliation. There are many reasons someone may want to turn to an executive protection professional to keep them safe. However, most clients are more business executive types, meaning they have power, wealth or they are associated with powerful corporations. People with that sort of lifestyle will be more subject to unwanted violence or crime.

New York City is quite a large city, and there are some neighborhoods with individuals more prone to harm people, or rob them. It wouldn’t be considered by most a quiet place, and living there comes with the expectation of hustle and bustle. The area has a lot more people than most cities or towns, raising the probability that someone wanting to harm you would approach you. If an individual’s name is well known, that individual may sometimes be the target of this violence. When an individual has a reputation as a leader, or a wealthy person, a lot of people in certain areas of large cities like New York City would not take kindly to that. They might disagree with the leader’s decisions, or they might choose specifically to target that person for political gain, as opposed to random attacks. Not everyone who experiences violence of this type is unlucky; they just have more individuals targeting them specifically.

The city of New York has many things a well known executive and his family have to watch out for. An executive protection company would serve a family like this well, and keep them out of harms way. Certain areas of New York City has many dangerous individuals. Teenagers are known to jump passerby, and in the last few years the crime rate has risen rapidly compared to previous years. There have been documented cases in New York City of kidnappings, some of them taking place on the Train. Gang violence is also sometimes a problem; New York City appears on the top ten cities experiencing the most gang violence. An executive and company may experience more adversity from the negative factors of New York City. This is because of their status.

Executive protection agencies use alternate routes while driving on roads, and switch them up periodically. This allows safer driving, and potential individuals wishing to harm the executive’s family will not know which route the individual takes each day. There is also a lot of construction in areas of New York City, making driving dangerous. With a trained driver behind the wheel of your car, the probability that you will get in an accident will be lower. New York City features festival, parties, and other events involving alcohol regularly, and of course it has many bars and clubs. Drunk drivers on the road may be a danger while navigating the city. An executive protection or a bodyguard driver will know evasive and safe procedures if a collision is ever imminent.

The safety of one’s family is a key element in life. Executives and people of high stature living in New York City, or anywhere else in the world strive to protect their families from the risks that come along with their business lives. A trained professional from an executive protection company will take care of that for anyone, taking the weight off the executive’s chest. Executive protection companies are a great alternative to combat violence geared towards an individual and their family members.


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