Jul 062012

A big wig who is seeking executive protection in New York ought to seek the help of Stone Security. The agents in that company are capable of serving anywhere, while focusing on the Big Apple and other large cities. Their network has ensured the protection of countless celebrities, executives, CEO’s dignitaries and other notable individuals.

The Company was founded by David Stone, a former NYPD police officer. He envisioned the creation of a reliable security organization, one that could meet the rising demand for services in New York City. It was the first security firm to make use of the services provided by off-duty officers.

Stone Security offers several types of services. That includes those that furnish an armed transport, uniformed bodyguards and discreet bodyguards. It also takes in all sorts of armed guards, residential and corporate protection services.

The primary goal of an employee at Stone Security concerns the securing of discrete protection, while employing high-end methods for completing other tasks. Those tasks demand careful monitoring, tracking and intervening, when necessary. In other words, the Company’s agents will monitor, track and intervene, but will not do one further thing. Those agents will not interfere with a client’s personal affairs.

The caliber of employees at Stone Security is of the highest nature. Each has been selected through a tested process of elimination. That process aids identification of the finest, the best-trained and the most athletic agents. Some have formerly served as Special Forces personnel; others have been distinguished law enforcement officials. All have received protective training.

The services provided by this one Company can promise an immediate response to any threat against a client. In addition, it can offer executive protection on a both a local and an international level. Moreover, its services are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, it offers those services to private citizens, corporations and other organizations. That is why so many executives have come to rely on the men and women at Stone Security.


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